Croatia was the first European country to open its doors to naturists. With 45 years of experience, about 20 naturist campsites can be found along the coast. Naturism is a way of living that takes care of the body, and sport and health care play an important role in it, since that concerns people nowadays more then ever. Croatia is the third country in Europe as far as naturist campsites capacity is concerned.

The common property of all Croatian naturist campsites is safety and high standards, beauty and peace. Many confirm that the highest quality campgrounds are those designated for nudists and nude bathers; nudists will find the natural surroundings suited to their needs.

Naturists in Croatia can find campsite accommodation in three types of campsites:

  • Naturists campsites that cater exclusively for naturists. These campsites have naturists-only beaches.
  • Combined naturist and non-naturist campsites. These campsites have separate zones for naturist campers and non-naturist (“textile”) campers and there will also be a naturists-only beach as well as separate beach dedicated to non-naturists. In such campsites the naturist zone is often segregated from the “textile” part of campsite and the naturist zone will have its own camping facilities such as sanitary facilities, restaurants, shops and so on.
  • Campsites not for naturists (“textile” campsites), but which have a dedicated naturist beach. In such campsites visitors have to be clothed, but can swim and sunbathe in nude on a dedicated naturists-only beach. These campsites will also have “clothes on” beach for non-naturists. This is ideal for camping visitors who would like to swim and sunbathe nude, but prefer to be clothed for other activities.
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