TOP CAMPING – Quality and experience over 10 years

The association of stakeholders of the top quality Croatian camps and those aspiring to be like them. Joined for joint planning and conducting market activities in order to achieve maximum competitiveness over a longer period, TOP CAMPING realize synergy and better identifiability, high market competitiveness and last but not least, the highest quality camping services to their guests. Through the years they have embraced the changes in the world of camping to make your vacation more comfortable, more pleasant, and one with more attractions. Today, they represent the ideal choice for an active or relaxing vacation, and for the enjoyment of a wellness center or spa. 12 years of experience and presence in the media has brought numerous awards, of which that coming from camping users and their association FICC Federation of Camping and Caravaning, with a seat in Brussels, we appreciate most. Visit us!


For tested and promised quality of top campsites, any camper may dial our phone number 00385 52 433 469 and point to the possible inaccuracy of the tested and promised quality or change of the service.
Top is the first Midia in Croatia which presented the best campsites taking into account all quality elements assessed by the consumers.
What are we offering to ensure a quality and carefree stay in top campsites?
  • Good standards in sanitation with a high or very high content (cleanliness, supply, warm water, service) like the availability of catering to individual needs (for familieswith small children).
  • Special conveniences for the disabled.
  • Quality service and gastro offering in the restaurants
  • Shops, boutiques and kiosks with a large variety of goods and services
  • The availability of water and electricity connections for caravans
  • Special services for owners of pets in parts of leading campsites
  • Availability of sports activities, excursions and schools for all age groups
  • Special care to ensure peace and quiet TV and Radio are allowed as long as they do not interfere with quiet and rest.
  • Friendly staff who speak a number of foreign languages.
  • Medical care and assistance close to or at the campsite.
  • General security of technical equipmentandser vices at the campsite
  • Our motto is “constant contact” with you in thecampsite, with new offers, ideas and camping requisites. Specially trained staf f are available to all guests around the clock.

Why we created Top Camping Croatia in 2002

We wanted to establish criteria for neutral rating for entering the top club in Croatia, without institutional recommendations, influence by financial support by the ministries and centers of power, in other words an independent rating of our pure camping quality.

Here are some of our basic parameters:
  • level of technical equipment
  • service and level of professionalism
  • opinions by the opinion leaders
  • national categorization and foreign certificates
And of course * the most important: campers’ satisfaction
Which is why we have put emphasis on quality, before all of:
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Land plots
  • Facilities (gastro,shoping,refreshing offer)
  • Animation – equipment
  • Animation – programs
  • Zero complaint level
  • Blue flag and eco certificates
  • 4 ****, adac ratings
How did we evaluate quality in camp?
  • By evaluating the quality of equipment
  • Modern and logical layout
  • Attractive living ambiance in each space
Sanitary facilities
  • Individual shower cabins
  • Toilet facilities separated from the shower cabins, and men’s areas separated from women’s areas
  • Nursery
  • Areas with access for the disabled
  • Washing machines and dish-washing areas
  • Lighting, ventilation and aromatizes
  • Chemical camping toilets and showers for pets
Land plots
  • Minimal 100 to 120 m2
  • Numerated greenery fence
  • Sewage, water supply, electricity coverage for a minimum 70% of land plots
  • Maximum flat surface
  • Accessibility
  • A rich shopping offer, special offer of clothes and shoes
  • Several theme restaurants – specialties
  • Beach bar, caffe bar, disco
  • Fast food – pizza pasta
  • Patisseries
  • A news stand with international papers
  • Internet corner
  • Laundry, ironing, small clothing repairs, car wash, gas station
Entertainment – software and hardware
  • Good recreational offer: fitness, mini club, gym, tennis, miniature golf, sports equipment rental, swimming pools sizes 1 do 5 m in length per each accommodation unit,wellness center
  • At least 1 entertainer per 500 persons
  • Good programs every day from 8h00 until 22h00
Total camping quality
  • Zero complaint level
  • Each employee with a vision of quality
  • Educational workshops on quality in camp
  • Mystery shopping top pool
  • Adac and ficc forms and awards
  • Blue flag
Project’s institutional support
  • The first networked member of top camping pool
  • Ministry of tourism
  • Croatian chamber of commerce
  • Croatian tourist board
  • Plain air magazine
  • eoq -european organization for quality
  • Ficc international federation for camping, caravanning and auto-caravanning brussels
Based on these criteria, we have designed a quality scale for the project top camping as follows:
Designation has only been awarded to 4 Croatian camps. This predicate denotes a truly generous ambiance and best atmosphere surrounding the campsite. Very luxurious and individually tailored contents, highly accommodating and kind personnel, a zero percent complaint rate and high customer loyalty (over 60% of regular clients). It provides all the quality categories: exclusive, superior and comfort quality.
Facilities offered by EXCLUSIVE camps are the same as those offered by SUPERIOR camps, with the only difference being that they offer larger spaces and more equipment.
Offers superior and most luxurious comfort (swimming pools, camping ground, toilet facilities)
Offers good comfort and service with high level of cleanliness, facilities and supply